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Wake Up Bronco Nation 1-11-2015: UNLV Fires Men's Head Basketball Coach

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Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

UNLV Fires Coach Dave Rice after 0-3 start in the MWC

You may remember that Boise State's Leon Rice ALSO started last year 0-3 in the conference slate. On the other hand, I remember this epic fist pump (and awkward handshake) from Leon Rice after a Broncos/Rebels tilt at Taco Bell Arena.

And it seems as though UNLV fans remember that epic fistpump as well.

The disappointing start is despite UNLV inking the number eleven ranked class, according to Rivals, in the 2015 recruiting year. While Dave Rice is, apparently, a monster recruiter, he's not so much on the Xs and Os. With the amount of talent that the team has, it is somewhat disconcerting that they just could not get something together. Interestingly enough, Dave Rice has a slightly higher winning percentage (.638) than Leon Rice (.630). At the end of the day, results matter. Boise State is, at least, trending up (won the regular season last year, NCAA tournament appearance). UNLV? Not so much. At the worst, just stagnant. Not sure where UNLV goes from here, But having a weak MWC does not bode well for the Bronco's RPI and perception.

If you were interested who UNLV could pick up, check here.

The CFP Finals Are Tonight

Will you be watching? I will probably try and catch a few minutes. After the ratings disaster that was the semis, who will be watching is definitely going to be in question. And the responses as to what is going to happen with those semis going forward, and them being aired on New Year's Eve, are quite hilarious. Bill Hancock, the CFP executive director, had "jokingly" used Star Wars release as a potential reason for the decline. No, really, it was just for funsies guys!!

I did not watch Oklahoma and Clemson because I was at work (like a lot of people I assume) and I tried to watch Michigan State and Alabama, but the way Alabama grinds their opponents into salt is just no fun. Tonight's matchup is bound to be a good one, but hopefully better than either of the semis (and most of the bowl gams this year).

NFL Away Teams Won their Wildcard Playoff Games

Something that has never happened. If you saw the games over the weekend, you saw Kansas City lay a beat down on a hapless Houston team 30-0. Cincinnati furiously try to claw back against Pittsburgh, but ultimately fail 18-16. Seattle win 10-9 in Minnesota on a wayward kick that has people talking about a game that I clearly do not remember.

And, lastly, Green Bay overcoming a slow start to beat Washington 35-18. With the losses of Washington (Jeron Johnson) and Cincinnati (George Iloka), that only leaves Denver with a Boise State alum still in the playoffs (Matt Paradis, Clady is out with an injury the whole year).


The Golden Globes were last night (list of winners here), did you watch? I have not seen HALF of these movies. Of the movie nominees I have seen, four, three of those were animated (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, and Shaun the Sheep Movie). And I only have seen one episode of the TV shows (Game of Thrones).

I have children.

Anyway, hope you all had a good weekend, and now back to the grind!