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2016 Boise State Recruit Roundup: January 10th 2016

We are less than a month away from NCAA Football Christmas, a.k.a. National Signing Day.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We are in the recruiting dead period for another 4 days, but it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibly for some zany 12 am house calls because that's a thing our coaches do.

There also has been no official announcement for Julius Brown's replacement since his dismissal, though the word on the turf is Gerald Alexander will be his replacement. Montana State defensive coordinator Ty Gregorak confirmed that he would not be joining the MSU staff. The writing seems to be on the wall there.

Another fact of note is that we TECHNICALLY have 2 more silent commits. Deandre Pierce let it be known that he was one of the previous silent commits. He's a big pick-up for the Broncos. In fact, he announced it a while ago and I have yet to add him to our commit list, so I'll do that. The other two have not announced yet, but one is believed to be DT Emmanuel Fesili, which would ALSO be a great pickup, as long as he actually announces. The last silent commit is unknown. I've heard a few names, but they seem to be only guesses at this point. We still have roughly 8 spots to fill, give or take, which is exciting! I always like to see the surprise players that end up declaring for the Broncos. I'll post an article next week discussing who we have, what we still need, and who is still on the board to fill that need. But, for now, let's get the DL on Pierce and talk about safeties today.

Deandre Pierce, DB, Long Beach Polytechnic High School (Long Beach, CA)

Listed at 5'10 and 170lbs, Pierce had a solid 2 year varsity career at LBP, amassing 127 total tackles, 101 of them solo, 5 sacks and 4 INTs. His senior season he had 54 total tackles, 8.5 TFL and 2 sacks. Watching his film below, you'll notice he has great awareness. He seems to always know what's happening and where the ball is going before it happens.

His LBP Jackrabbits finished 4-6 and 3-3 in league play. He's listed as a safety, but he could play CB as well. Check out the highlights and welcome to the team Deandre!

We've talked about who is leaving on offense, but we haven't talked about any of the defensive positions. Let's start with the safeties this week. Some of the N players might get split between S and CB, I'm just using what has each player listed. Currently, we have 9 S on the roster:

Darian Thompson, RS Sr, 6'2 212lbs

Chanceller James, RS Jr, 6'2 216lbs

Kameron Miles, RS Soph, 6'1 215lbs

Brandon Brown (WO), RS Soph, 5'11 198lbs

Dylan Sumner-Gardner, Soph, 6'1 201lbs

Skyler Seibold (WO), RS Fr, 6'1 192lbs

Damion Wright, Frosh, 6' 204lbs

Evan Tyler, Frosh, 6'2 181lbs

Darreon Jackson, Frosh, 5'11 187lbs

Fortunately for the Broncos, they are only losing one safety this year. Unfortunately, it's first-team All Conference safety Darian Thompson. Thompson will be a HUGE loss for the Broncos. But, it just so happens that we have some talent at the position.

DSG ran into a little trouble before the bowl game, but hopefully he gets everything sorted out. He also suffered a broken ankle early in the year; early enough to allow him to red shirt. So, next season we will have RS Soph DSG and RS Jr Kam Miles most likely starting. Chance James will probably play nickel, though they seem to move players around there a lot. I know Chance played some safety at the tail end of the season. In fact, while we have talent at S, there is also youth there, so James' seniority and leadership may be needed until the younger players get used to playing at the college level.

As far as backups, I heard great things about Darreon Jackson out of camp, though I know he spent some time at CB. Evan Tyler and Damion Wright are both big bodies and displayed plenty of talent in HS to play on the 2-deep. I also know Seibold and Brown both saw the field this year, albeit for a small amount of time. Based on the inexperience behind the starters, those two could see more of the field this year. That really depends on how the RS kids play this spring and fall.

Desmond Williams is our only safety prospect at this point, but he could very well be a nickel candidate. We'll have to see when he arrives in the summer.

2016 Recruiting Class

No new highlights this week. Please continue to enjoy the videos below. EDIT: Damien reminded me of a pretty cool article regarding the top 10 players in Arkansas. While there isn't a ton of info, Crockett shows up at #5. Upon further inspection, another Boise State target, John Tate, shows up at #6.

Cedrick Wilson, WR, 6'3 190lbs

Joel Velaquez, K, 6'0 220lbs

Derriyon Shaw, DE, 6'3 220lbs

Ali'i Niumatalolo (2017 class), ILB, 6'1.5 230lbs

Nick Crabtree, TE, 6'6 247lbs

Damarea Crockett, RB, 5'11.5 211lbs

Tyson Maeva, ILB, 6'0 230lbs

Desmond Williams, S, 6'0 190lbs

Reid Harrison-Ducros, CB, 5'10 165lbs

Ezra Cleveland, OT, 6'6 270lbs

Julian Carter, WR, 6'2 175lbs

Robert Mahone, RB, 5'11 190lbs

Kole Bailey, OT, 6'4.5 285lbs

Robert Lewis, CB, 5'10 170lbs

Chase Hatada, DT, 6'2.5 255lbs

Micah Wilson, QB, 6'3 200lbs

Daniel Auelua, DT, 6'2 285lbs

Deandre Pierce, DB, 5'10 170lbs