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Boise State's Defense Star of Opener: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-8-15

Update on my reunion dilemma: Radio...who knew?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Defense Stops Washington

Many pundits have touted Boise State's defense as being one of the main reasons we're as strong as we are, and Friday night justified those analyses. Washington didn't have a drive longer than 36 yards, and their rushing offense was held to 29 yards the whole game! That's about enough to get LeGarrette swingin' again!

Seriously, though, our defense is awesome! Maybe they could start inviting special teams to their birthday parties or something.

Game Highlights:

It feels so good to be on the winning end of a field-goal miss. Also, I don't think my heart could handle overtime.

Jeremy McNichols Enjoying Running Back Position

He turned down P5 schools who wanted to recruit him as a wide receiver because he wanted to be tailback, and I'm so-o-o glad BSU gave him that shot! He really shines when he bounces to the outside after finding nothing in the middle. Plus, he can catch and has cannons for arms. Defenses better lie still when he decides to stiff arm!

Updated Playoff Predictions

Oregon moves out of the playoff, Notre Dame moves in, meaning now we're projected to play UCLA in the Fiesta Bowl. If only they knew how badly everyone will fail who's ranked above us.

Looking Ahead to BYU

In case you missed it, Taysom Hill is out for the season for BYU and Eagle native Tanner Mangum is in. He and his brother made plays #2 and #1 on SportsCenter, one on a fantastic TD grab for ISU, and another for the Hail Moroni game-winning pass. I'm sorry to see Taysom go, since I have a personal connection with him as a former teacher of his, but I also look forward to playing against Tanner and Madison Mangum. BTW, we might have an inside man:


Scuba dog.