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Game Balls for Boise State versus Washington

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State won guys! The football team beat the University of Washington. That is the important thing. In any game, there are always those performances that do deserve a little extra recognition. As such, how about we give out some OBNUG game balls!


Jeremy McNichols

McNichols was the best rusher on the field. By far. 24 rushes and 89 yards, a 3.7 yard average. Toss in his 24 yards of receiving, that is 113 yards of offense attributed to one guy. By comparison Washington had a total of 179 yards. McNichols would have comprised 63% of UW's yardage total. While consisting about a third of Boise State's.


Kamalei Correa

How can you NOT give this dude a game ball? Six tackles, one sack, and two tackles for loss. He is an invertible immovable object. I almost feel bad for the right tackle he was going up against. Almost. If it were not for the cut-blocks UW had to employ to block him, Correa would have wreaked even more havoc for Browning in the backfield.


The Rest of the Defensive Line (and the defense as a whole too)

The Huskies could not establish the run. 22 attempts for 29 yards. The UW best rush of the night? Browning's 12 yard scamper. Browning's rushing average is a little skewed because of the sacks he took (he finished with a 0.8 average) but Dwayne Washington did not fare too much better at 1.8 yard average. UW did not crack 100 yards of total offense until there was about ten minutes left in the third quarter.


The home crowd

Being the second largest crowd has to count for something! It is great to have football back. The atmosphere, the tailgating, the great traffic afterwards. All of it. The crowd really got into it during the last stretch of the fourth quarter. Hopefully that will carry over going forward!