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Boise State Hopes to Start Season With Bang on Blue: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-4-15


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Fist Pumps Improve Performance
Fist Pumps Improve Performance
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today Preview of BSU vs UW

There's no prediction on this preview, but I include it just because it's there. Bo-o-o-o-oring.

Previews and Predictions of the Season

I include this one because one writer has Boise State included in the playoffs because he, "really, really want(s) the playoff committee to have no other choice." I like the way he thinks!

There's another writer on here that sees things going differently, though. She writes:

Boise State runs the table but gets shut out of the College Football Playoff, creating a time warp in which Boise and TCU are both good again, both on the brink of championship glory again, and both deprived of the chance of competing for the prize because of subpar schedules. Again. Welcome back to 2009, people!

If it wasn't all about money, every conference champ could get a shot and rankings would only matter for at-large teams. #expandtheplayoff

Blue-Turf Game Prediction

I was confused why the writer even put a section in titled, "Why Washington Will Win," but hey, they need to feel like they have a chance, right? Call it homerism or just plain honesty, but the writer states [SPOILER ALERT] the game will be over by halftime. As long as Drink hasn't drunk Sanford's Kool-Aid and stops trying after halftime, I don't think this will be all that close, either.

Battle of the Trenches

Yes, trench warfare is often where a game is lost and won. If the O-line can't protect their QB, their QB can't make plays, regardless of talent. (See: 1st pick Alex Smith in first few years in San Fransisco.)

Putting Faith in Finley

Remember how relieved we all were when Finley came in for Hedrick during the Air Force game and played very well? (Surprisingly better than he did in garbage time, which tells me he does better under pressure.) We all thought we would have a new starting quarterback the next week! Praise Harsin, he has more sense than that, but I do have high hopes for this young man in his first start!

Game Breakdown

This one is from the Statesman, so it's a little closer to the Bronco's mouth.

Players to Watch in Tonight's Game

Includes players from both teams.

Kellen Moore Plays Well in Final Preseason Game

Moore was 16 of 22 for 150 yards and a TD, but the question still remains if he will find a spot on the final roster.

Every MWC Team Won Last Night

Even (*gasp) Hawaii over Pac-12 team Colorado! Keep up the good work, MWC! Every W makes us stronger! Rah, Rah! (Utah State could have looked a little tougher, though.)


My kids love Rhett and Link, and I find them entertaining myself. We can all agree to agree. Here's a song they wrote that my kids have been playing a lot lately.