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Boise State Numerical Roster Countdown Recap: the Single Digits!

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

What a long road we have traveled. We are finally here. Oh what a time to be alive! Check back on our previous reviews to get you hyped up!

Day 9: Mercy Maston

Day 8: Kamalei Correa

Day 7: Joe Martarano

Joe Martarano

Day 6: Chaz Anderson

Day 5: Donte Deayon

donte deayon

Day 4: Darian Thompson

Day 3: Thomas Stuart

Tommy Stuart

Day 2: Donzale Roddie

Day 1: Shane Williams-Rhodes

Day 0: GAME DAY!

The Teens were titanic.

The 20s are done. Long live the 20s!

The 30s sure went by fast.

The favorite 40s.

The halfway 50s.

The magic that was the 60s.

The 70s were a show, eh?

The 80s were a blast.

If you feel like reliving the 90s at all.