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Boise State #2 in Underdog Poll: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-30-15

Back from a one-day sabbatical!

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Underdog Poll After Week 4

Toledo had 10 first place votes to put them in the top spot, and Boise State is right behind with 6 votes. Someone gave the BYU Wedding-Tackle Punchers a first place vote, and so I'll just post something here that BYU fans will hate:

Let it sink in for a bit, BYU fans.

Here's Toledo's schedule:

I think NIU is a legitimate threat to give them a loss since they almost upset the #1 overrated team in the USA, Ohio State. Bowling Green might also pose a legitimate threat to them in the conference. Keep your fingers crossed for MAC implosion and MWC uh... not losing so much.

Rypien Still has Room for Improvement

As well as Rypien played this last Friday (321 yards, 3 TDs, no TO), the coaches still want to see him play at a higher level. They were pleased with his performance, but helping him improve small things will make him really special! Here's another take on his performance from a non-coach.

What Does the Future Hold For Finley?

We don't know what Ryan Finley's status will be when he returns to full health, but I imagine the next few games will give us an idea. In other Finley-related news, he has pleaded guilty to his misdemeanor charges and was sentenced to a withheld judgment after three months of probation (meaning his record is expunged if he meets the terms of his probation). I'm glad this turned more into a learning opportunity and less into a life sentence. I'm not going to cast that first stone!

Four New-Joins to BSU Basketball Team

German forward Robin Jorch is 6-foot-9, 270 lbs., guard James Reid transferred from Arkansas-Little Rock and is 6-3, 200 lbs., guard Collin Landry returned from a mission to walk on and is 6-3, 180 lbs., and incoming freshman guard Cody Spjute is 6-4, 195 lbs.

I still can't wait to see Malek Harwell, Anthony Drmic and James Webb III playing together. Malek is my boy!


I have a job interview tomorrow, and I'm preparing for anything. Here's 10 tricky questions I hope they don't ask.