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Boise State Receiving Votes in AP and Coaches Poll: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-28-15

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Boise State Receiving AP and Coaches Poll Votes

Boise State is still unranked in the top 25, but has received votes in both (38 in AP, 47 in Coaches). The thing to keep an eye on, however, is how Boise State is ranked in relation to other G5 teams (as far as our chances of getting into a NY6 Bowl is concerned). Toledo is ahead of Boise State in the AP Poll with 68 votes, and Memphis is close behind in the Coaches Poll. And justice being what it is, Ol' Two-Play BYU only had five AP votes and one Coaches Poll vote (Mendehall?) after getting curb-stomped by an unranked Michigan team.

I don't know how to understand rankings, when looking at things comparatively. Boise loses to BYU on a Hail Mangum pass and gets dropped out of the rankings entirely. One play separated us from getting the win. Does that mean we're a bad team? BYU played #7 UCLA very closely, and almost won. UCLA beat the crud outta (almost the same team we beat in the Fiesta Bowl) Arizona this weekend, and Arizona is still getting more votes than BSU. I think Boise State is better than UCLA. Where's my vote?

Virginia should have beat #6 Notre Dame (except for another danged long bomb), and if it weren't for that one play, Virginia gets the W. Boise State handily beats Virginia (more than one play's worth, anyway), and still gets very little love from the press. I think Boise State is better than Notre Dame. Where's my vote?

Two plays. It's as if SportsCenter highlights and bias were the only things used to gauge a team's worth hahahahaha.

How BSU Figures into Group of Five

This was a great win for us, and I do think the Mountain West Conference has no idea what they're getting into come league play against us, but I sure wish the MWC looked stronger right now. I think the public perception is that the MAC is the toughest G5 conference right now, and we need to all step up our game. By all, I mean, mostly everyone else. This weekend, we all need to root for Air Force to stomp Navy (Sorry, SC!).

Roanoke Times Examines Loss to Boise State

I really feel for Virginia fans! Sad Virginia Fan exemplifies how we've all felt at one time or another (the Nevada loss killed me for a long time). I'm still contemplating whether to collect on our blog bet, or if I need to write them words of encouragement. I think I'll take the high road, thanks to the advice of you wise Nuggies.

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