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Game Balls for Boise State versus Virginia

But first, lemme take a selfie.
But first, lemme take a selfie.
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

56-14. Boise State put up over 50 points in the last two games. Yes, one was against a FCS opponent, and the other? A Power 5 school in Virginia.

Oh, and those 56 points were away, across 2,000 miles, and two times zones?

Well. That's none of our business.

harsin none of our business

(photo courtesy of Jay Tust)

So having said that, who wants to give away some imaginary kudos for things we think are pretty cool?! This week's game was extra special given the extra-special good job the Broncos put on the Cavaliers. So we had to make sure and recognize some great play. While there was PLENTY of great play to recognize, had to shorten it up a little bit. So here it goes.


Brett Rypien

Brett Rypien

Mr. Rypien was 24/35 for 321 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions, and a 173.9 rating. All against a Power 5 opponent. An opponent that lost in a devastating manner to Notre Dame. But since this is the second win in a true away game against a P5 opponent I will take it. Mr. Rypien made man-sized throws to Sperbeck--twice for touchdowns--and looked the part of an unquestioned starter. While the coaches have expressed an interest in developing packages for Stuart, the guess is if Rypien gets on a streak, the staff would be hesitant to pull him. As was the case in Virginia. There are points to be made about play-calling (did Drinkwitz show confidence in the new signal caller?) to the offensive line (Rypien took a couple of sacks, but otherwise the line did fine giving Rypien time to throw) to the receivers finding their rhythms (321 yards of passing!!!). All valid questions for later. But for now? Congratulations, Rypien, for your first stand-alone game ball!!


Thomas Sperbeck


Mostly because of this:

But that is not all. Mr. Sperbeck had five catches on the night for 121 yards, two touchdowns, a long of 64 yards, and a whopping 24.2 yard average. Sperbeck's previous long ball was 46 against Idaho State. Sperbeck has found his groove. Heading into this game, he had a total of 140 yards. Apparently the cure for an anemic season was playing against an ACC team. Being able to attain 86% of his to-date season total in one game will hopefully be the spark going forward. Sperbeck only had three touchdowns all of 2014 (which is weird to say) and he now has two, and on pace for six? That can't be right. The expectation is that now that the passing game is finally fleshing itself out, Sperbeck will have more opportunities to up that total. But, for now, Sperbeck also gets to add Game Ball recipient to a growing resumé. Congratulations Sperbeck!

Justin Taimatuia

justin taimatuia

I'm just going to leave this here:

And then there is this:

Having Mr. Taimatuia back in the lineup has allowed the Broncos' defense to meet expectations, and then some. The three-man rush against Virginia was quite effective in passing situations. Unfortunately the third and long conversions seem to be an issue. Virginia converted seven of their 17 third downs. And the average distance for those third downs? 10.1 yards. Cannot say the defensive line was at fault, though, for those conversions. Of those seven conversions, only one was by rush. And those passing conversions? Had an average of 18.4 yards per completion. Ouch. It felt as though those were more from "broken" scramble plays than getting burned. (Though the two touchdowns Virginia got were from mental mistakes by the defensive secondary.) Ah well. With that, Taimatuia gets a game ball! And pineapple pie!!!


Tyler Rausa

Tyler Rausa

Mr. Rausa was 6/6 on PATs, 4/5 on field goals (the miss had enough leg, just hit the goalpost), and a long of 51 (a new career long). Rausa's previous long for the season was 45 at Idaho State. The miss would have been even longer (54), but that stuff happens. At any rate, it is great to have the coaching staff show confidence in Rausa. Congratulations, Rausa, on getting a game ball!

Your Turn!

I know I missed some (a lot really) so who are your game ball winners? Let me know just how wrong I am!