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Boise State destroys the Cavaliers

Admit it. You were nervous about this one too.

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What started out as a shoot outBHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry I couldn't keep it together. Minus two big plays, the Broncos demolished the Cavs. DE. MOL. ISHED. ALSO, 50 burger...NOMNOMNOM.


  1. Rypien looks to be the starter. He had a few freshman moments, but I liked his decision making, patience, and poise.
  2. The front 7 on D is amazing. The secondary has the players to be unstoppable, but they lack the consistency needed, specifically on giving up the big play.
  3. Darian Thompson and Donte Deayon are absurd. According to the announcers, the two of them have more interceptions since 2012 than the entire UVa program. Yikes.
  4. We have a kicker. And a really good one. Tyler Rausa hit a 51 yard field goal and NEARLY made a 54-yarder. It had plenty of leg, it just hit the upright. Nice to have a kicker we can have confidence in. I felt pretty confident in Goodale, but it's pretty apparent on Twitter that Bronco Nation is quite comfortable with Rausa.
  5. Playcalling and OL play was much improved. A few sacks here and there, but the OL played much better, and the playcalling was solid.

First Quarter Recap

Second Quarter Recap

FIRST HALF RECAP Boise State 29 - 14 UVA

Third Quarter Recap

Fourth Quarter Recap

Second Half Recap BSU 56 - 14 UVA

QB Comparison

  • Tommy Stuart 1-1 for 37 yards 0 TD and 0 INT 410.8 rating
  • Brett Rypien 24-35 for 321 yards 3 TD and 0 INT 173.9 rating
  • Matt Johns 12-25 for 199 yards 2 TD and 3 INT 117.3 rating
  • Connor Brewer 4-8 for 34 yards 0 TD and 1 INT 60.7 rating

WR Comparison

Boise State


RB Comparison

Boise State




Defensive Totals

A stellar debut for Brett Rypien. He was very generous with his distribution of the ball. The ground game sputtered a tad, and we had a bit of the injury bug bite, but I think we will be ok moving forward. Keep in mind, this same Virginia team NEARLY beat Notre Dame. Did I mention that Notre Dame is ranked #6 in the AP poll #8 in the coaches? Yeah, that team. Honestly I think the coaching by UVa was atrocious. I honestly felt bad for them. They have a ton of talent on that team, but they need some guidance. This game was out of hand halfway through the 3rd quarter, and that's probably being conservative. We still need to fix some issues in the secondary regarding big play breakdowns and healing up before we take on Hawaii next Saturday. GO BRONCOS!!

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