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Predict the Score: Boise State versus UVA

Loren Orr/Getty Images

On to week four. Yet another weekend full of collegiate gridiron. Boise State plays tonight at 6 p.m. Mountain. Please leave a comment below with your score prediction and hopefully YOU get to walk away with a slick prize!


  • How many yards of rushing will Stuart have?
  • How many receiving yards will Chaz Anderson have?
  • How many yards of total offense will the Boise State defense yield?

What Do I Get If I Win?

We're giving away another $10 to the Blue and Orange Store. So hopefully you pick right!!

What about the Idaho State Predict the Score?

This one I am DEFINITELY glad you asked. Reader _El_Jefe_ won last weeks contest by guessing 49-0. Came SUPER close to the actual Boise State score and also guessed the shutout. He had the first guess (sorry SeniorChief) and had the closest tiebreaker as well.

So good luck to all and Go Broncos!