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Virginia Hopes to Start Winning Streak Against Boise State: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-24-15

One more day!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Streaking The Lawn Previews Boise State

This writer does a good job of analyzing Boise State, even though the conclusion he draws seems a little "homerish". There are a few interesting things he states about our offensive ranking up to this point, and uses rankings to determine how effective our offense is. (Given, most sports analysts do this, since it's hard to watch every game.)

We as a fan base have been patiently waiting for our offense to hit its stride, giving Finley the benefit of the doubt as he's still pretty new to starting. Now we need Rypien and/or Stuart to step up the learning curve, and I feel like there's a lot of excitement to watch that happen.

Here's something I didn't know (according to Mr. Guttman):

Another change is at QB. Even with a healthy Finley, the Broncos were playing their least experienced QB since 2008, when Kellen Moore (4 year starter and current starting QB for the Tony Romo-less Dallas Cowboys) was a freshman.

Kellen is starting? Does he have an inside track to the Cowboys' coaching staff? Nope.

Game Matchup in Graphic Form

I really like this graphic--and wish I had time to do stuff like this--although the picks at the bottom are a little more Virginia-centric than I would be. Whatever: We all picked BSU to beat BYU also, which goes to show fanbases happily wear rose-tinted glasses when it comes to our teams. In our case, we wear blue-tinted glasses.

Correa Considers His Play Sub-Par

That's awesome that he wants to do more on the field, but I think he's doing a pretty solid job as is! If I were to pick the Four Horsemen of the Defense, I would pick Correa, Weaver, Vallejo, and Taimatuia, with Correa representing War. The guy wreaks havoc on offenses, especially when the QB leaves the pocket. His closing speed is dangerously fast-- imagine having a 6-3 250 lb. monster running faster than you. The safety of the sidelines looks pretty appealing, doesn't it?

Memphis Tigers Making Run for NY6 Bowl

BYU and Toledo (?) are above BSU in the Underdogs Poll, and Memphis is right behind us. This is not official, but it gives us a pretty good idea of public perception when it comes to G5 party crashers. Remember how Marshall was supposed to be the team last year, up until they were proven to be less-than-stellar. I think if they had played Arizona in the Fiesta Bowl instead of us, people would be less excited to be giving G5 teams a shot at a major bowl game. But of course, that's all speculative. All I know is, we're consistently wicked-awesome!


This new Mickey Mouse Short had me L'ing out loud in one spot.