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University of Virginia Anagram Roster

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

  • University of Virginia = Viva Irony Unifies Grit
  • Charlottesville, Virginia = Troll Cashier Via Living
  • Mike London = No Idle Monk
Offensive starters for University of Virginia
  • WR (X): Canaan Severin = Avian An Screen
  • LT: Michael Mooney = Camomile Honey
  • LG: Sean Karl = Nark Seal
  • C: Jackson Matteo = Jacket Ants Moo
  • RG: Ross Burbank = Sun Robs Bark
  • RT: Eric Smith = Mice Shirt
  • TE: Charlie Hopkins = Peach Rhino Silk
  • QB: Matt Johns = Ma Jots Nth
  • TB: Taquan Mizzell = Zen Quiz At Mall
  • FB: Vincent Croce = Evict Concern
  • WR (Z): Keeon Johnson = Noon Hen Jokes
  • WR (F): T.J. Thorpe = T.J. Thorpe (Nope.)
Defensive starters for University of Virginia
  • DE: Kwontie Moore = Wonkier Me Too
  • DT: David Dean = Dad Invade
  • DT: Andrew Brown = Brawn Wonder
  • DE: Trent Corney = Teen Torn Cry
  • SLB: Mike Moore = Mr Moo I Eke
  • MLB: Micah Kiser = Hick Armies
  • WLB: Zach Bradshaw = A Bawd Czar Shh
  • CB: Tim Harris (He is not the starter, but Canady is the PR, and I did not want a repeat.) = Tar Him Sir
  • FS: Quin Blanding = Balding Qi Nun
  • SS: Kelvin Rainey = Live Near Inky
  • CB: Demetrious Nicholson = Moonlit Rhinos Seduce
  • P: Nicholas Conte = Iconoclast Hen
  • PK: Ian Frye = I Fry En A
  • KO: Dylan Sims = My Lads Sin
  • HOLD: Andrew Mackay = My Narc Awaked
  • LS: Andrew Shirley = Wry Hens Derail
  • PR: Maurice Canady = Cure Maniac Day
  • KOR: Albert Reid = Retire Bald