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Virginia Offense Similar to Boise State's: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-22-15

Does the state of Virginia ever think West Virginia is just stealing their thunder?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Looking at Virginia's Offense

Virginia employs a lot of pre-snap shifts and utilizes a variety of players on offense, which is very similar to how Boise State plays. DC Marcel Yates is preparing his defense by having every player swarm to the ball, so playmakers can't rip off big plays on missed tackles. If their offense is similar to ours, then we should be able to prepare pretty well in practice.

Virginia Looks at BSU's Offense

Cavaliers coach Mike London isn't ready to relax coming into a game with two relatively untested quarterbacks. He is smart enough to notice that Rypien's and Stuart's style of play is very different, and that he should prepare for each quarterback's strengths. I really like this guy, and I respect him as a coach.

Something I didn't really realize about the Cavaliers is that they haven't created a turnover in their first three games. They are chomping at the bit to have a few of those initial turnover come against our "inexperienced" quarterbacks. We really have to protect the ball, because they're coming after it.

Deayon on Cavaliers

He thinks he can keep LeBron from getting easy points when he posts up in the paint, and prevent him from kicking it out to... what? Wrong Cavs. My bad.

Highlights from BSU/ISU:

I downloaded Vine on my iPad today, hoping to create an account where I can make highlight clips and post them here. But until then, here's the official highlights.


One of my favorite bands from the 80s (Duran Duran) is still making albums. This is my favorite song off the new album. It's in a minor key and builds up to a great climax. But one thing occurred to me when listening to the lyrics: Is this their swan song?