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Boise State to Employ Two-Quarterback System: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-21-15

We're getting a two-fer!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos to Use Stuart and Rypien

Coach Harsin announced they won't be naming a starter; instead they'll share time between Tommy Stuart and Brett Rypien. I think this is the right decision, for what it's worth. I really liked the heads-up play by both of the quarterbacks, and I think they both can move the ball without turnovers, which is all we can ask a quarterback to do (besides autograph our bellies with scented markers).

Many of us have already speculated what will happen if Finley heals in 8 weeks before the Air Force game, and I just think we can cross that bridge when we get there. For now, I'm glad to have the problem of too many talented quarterbacks, especially coming into this Virginia game (a team that should have beat Notre Dame--they were the better team, just lost by a lucky late bomb. Sound familiar?).

Sports Chat Place Previews Boise State vs. Virginia

This might be an early pick, and the odds may change throughout the week, but this site thinks Boise State will cover the spread, citing Virginia's sub-par performance while beating William & Mary last weekend and BSU's dominance over ISU as a factor in the decision. I agree that the Broncos looked unstoppable against ISU, but I also watched the Virginia/ Notre Dame game, and I think they are a better team than their 1-2 record lets on.

BSU Still Gettting Top-25 Votes

We're still not ranked, but we're getting votes. What troubles me is how other G5 teams are getting more votes (Toledo, Houston, and Temple). As badly as I wanted to see Ohio State lose to "little sister" NIU Huskies this weekend (and it was close), I'm glad we don't have to deal with them too, because that would definitely put them in the driver;s seat for a NY6 bowl!

This Just In: Demas is Awesome

Kellen Moore Could See Playing Time in NFL

And why not? Old Man Weedon is above him in the depth-chart since Tony Romo went down with a broken collarbone. I'd sure love for him to show the world his true value. (We already know.)


Funny names at intersections.