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Game Balls for Boise State versus Idaho State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

52-0. A much more amiable outcome. Yes, it was Idaho State, and FCS opponent, but considering the events of the game, it happened at a "convenient" time. Though losing a starting QB for a "soft" game is another issue altogether. Regardless, When an offense puts up 50+ points, and a defense pitches a shutout (especially when the refs give the opposing team a couple of tries at the end of the half) there are some good things that come about.

So let's hand out some game balls, eh?!


Ryan Finley

ryan finley

He earned the starting position and basically gave his leg to try and win a football game. It is a bummer that he is (most likely) out for an extended period of time. He deserved better than that. He started out well enough (first series notwithstanding) going 5-6 and 59 yards, with another seven yards rushing and getting Boise State up fourteen points. Boise State was going to win with him at the helm, but I suppose questions about the margin of victory could have been brought up. At any rate thank you, Ryan Finley, for your efforts and the work you have done so far. Hopefully you heal fast and are back in service sooner than later. I know its not much, but please have a game ball!


Tanner Vallejo

tanner vallejo

Mr.Vallejo gets game ball number two, basically, for this:

(Vine courtesy of RedditCFB)

And you know what? People mocked me on the OBNUG Twitter feed when I said he blocked it BUT THE SCORE BOOK SAID HE DID, SO THERE!

And Vallejo got credit for the blocked field goal, though he did say during the post-game presser that Taimatuia actually blocked it. Whatever. Vallejo, for being generally awesome and doing things awesomely you get Game Ball number two!


The Defense

The defense pitched a shut out. Which is awesome. The rush defense continues doing work by only allowing 36 yards against Idaho State. Against Washington, BYU, and Idaho State the defense has only allowed 137 total yards on the year. And nary a 100 yard rusher, yet (though BYU's Hine came REALLY close with 93). Congratulations, Boise State defense, for Game Ball three!


The Other Quarterbacks

So this is a weird thing. Four quarterbacks got to play last Friday, and it was more out of necessity than anything else. But all played well. Who is going to be the starter going forward? That is a topic for another day, and article, so we will leave that as it is. But congratulations guys for filling in and carrying the torch!

Your Turn

So who do you think deserves extra special recognition? Moxey for adding another interception to the defensive backs total? The running backs for running roughshod over the Idaho State defense? Cory Young for the (should be) touchdown? Leave your comments below!