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Who's Betting on Boise State?: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-2-15

Who's it gonna be?

Before every game, I scour the internet to find out which sports analysts have picked Boise State to win, and which ones need poop put on their porch and lit on fire. Following are the results of my search, compiled in one place:

Beachball Retort

Just to get it out of the way, I've put the Bleacher Report pick first. That way, you're forced to take a shower before going to work. You're welcome!

But their pick is pretty sound. Listen to this:

Pac-12 teams don't usually visit Mountain West schools, and this game might be a good example why.


Against the Spread, too?


What If Sports

In affiliation with Fox Sports, What If Sports has a list of all the simulated games of week one. If you're having trouble locating Boise State vs. Washington, you can press command-F or ctrl-F  on the page and type in "Boise", or I could stop teaching a man to fish and paste the link to the box score here. Enjoy your fish, ya lazy oaf, ya!

CBS Sports

There are so many intriguing games this weekend, but only one really matters to Nuggies! Lot's of poop on lots of porches, that's all I'm sayin'.

Oh, that's against the spread... hold on a minute...

Okay, that's more sane. Click on "straight up" to return from crazy land.

SI Bowl Picks

Andy Staples doesn't see Boise State going to the Playoffs (do we have to capitalize this now?), but he does foresee a return to the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame, who many have in their top 5. Interesting...

One question, though: Does beating two religious teams in one season qualify you for eternal dangnation?

I'm so excited for this to start! Let's keep an eye on potential upsets that help our ranking as well, and upsets that would just be good because it's against Ohio State. Go VaTech! But most importantly, Go Broncos!