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Boise State Depth Chart Versus University of Washington

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State's depth chart (page five) for University of Washington answers our burning questions regarding RB and and backup QB. (HA! Just kidding. There are a bunch of "OR" designations there.) Check out below how the coaches decided to fill in the blanks and try not to make fun of me (too much) for getting random guesses incorrect.


  • X receiver: Thomas Sperbeck, D.J. Dean, Austin Cottrell
  • H receiver: Shane Williams-Rhodes, Terrell Johnson, Akilian Butler
  • Z receiver: Chaz Anderson, A.J. Richardson
  • LT: Rees Odhiambo, Troy Bacon
  • LG: Mario Yakoo, Travis Averill, Andrew Tercek
  • C: Marcus Henry, Mason Hampton
  • RG: Steven Baggett, Kellen Buhr, Tennessee Su'esu'e
  • RT: Archie Lewis, Jerhen Ertel
  • TE: Jake Roh, Holden Huff, Jake Hardee, Alec Dhaenens
  • QB: Ryan Finley, Thomas Stuart, Alex Ogle, Brett Rypien
  • RB: Jeremy McNichols, Kelsey Young, Devan Demas, Jack Fields


  • DE: Tyler Horn, Sam McCaskill, Rondell McNair
  • NT: Armand Nance OR Justin Taimatauia, Robert Ash
  • DT: Tutulupeatau Mataele, Elloit Hoyte OR Antoine Turner
  • STUD: Kamalei Correa, Gabe Perez, Jabril Frazier
  • WLB: Ben Weaver or Tyler Gray, Leighton Vander Esch
  • MLB: Tanner Vallejo, Joe Martarano, Darren Lee
  • N: Chanceller James, Mercy Maston
  • CB: Donte Deayon, Tyler Horton
  • S: Dylan Sumner-Gardner, Kameron MIles
  • S: Darian Thompson, Cameron Hartsfield
  • CB: Jonathon Moxey, Raymond Ford

Special Teams

  • K: Tyler Rausa, Blake Gonzalez
  • HOLD: Sean Wale
  • SNAP: Kevin Keane, Matt Cota
  • P: Sean Wale
  • KO: Tyler Rausa, Blake Gonzalez
  • KR: Jeremy McNichols, Kelsey Young
  • PR: Shane Williams-Rhodes, Donte Deayon

Notes and Wild Speculations:

  • Noticeable changes from first depth chart - Check here for the initial release.
    1. At QB I suppose you can say the biggest change is the declaration of Finley as the bona fide starter. Not much of a surprise, really, if you paid attention at the fall scrimmage where Finley took the most meaningful snaps. So the announcement that following Sunday was more of a formality. I wanted to make the clever note of the QBs not being in alphabetical order, but they are in order of class. So, on second thought do not take anything from that order. I guess we will find out who is number two in (hopeful) garbage time.
    2. No changes in RB. However Demas and Fields are third and fourth respectively. McNichols will undoubtedly get the lion's share of snaps, but will it be Ajayi-like levels? Probably not. C. Young not on the four deep despite being the leading rusher in spring scrimmage. Shows how much ground Kelsey had gained on the others in just the short time he's been here.
    3. The receiving corps swaps a little. Richardson backs up Anderson now. Dean backs up Sperbeck, and Terrell Johnson seems to have ascended a bit ahead of Cottrell. This is basing solely on the placement of Cottrell on the chart. My guess is Cottrell will still see plenty of time.
    4. No real changes in the top two TE. But I gather Hardee and Dhaenens will likely see their playing time as Drinkwitz fits in a package comprising of nothing but TEs.
    5. With the retirement of McCullough, someone has to back up Odhiambo. Really cool to see a dude named "Bacon" fill that role. Really happy with that choice. Bacon was backing up Averill as RG.
    6. Which leads to a shake up: Baggett showed his mettle and displaced Averill from the initial starting spot at RG. Good for Baggett.
    7. Averill now backs up Yakoo on LG, pushing Tercek to third.
    8. No center change—which is good. It is comforting to see Henry is physically well enough to start. Nothing against Hampton, but the Broncos will be needing everyone at their healthiest, especially Henry, against the Huskies.
    9. With Baggett as the starter, anyone kind of interested in seeing Buhr be second on the depth chart? Good for a local kid to break the two deep.
    10. The original "OR" has been replaced with Lewis at RT.
    11. Not much of a change for the DE. except no "OR" between McCaskill and McNair. So McCaskill solid number two?
    12. "OR" between Nance and Taimatuia i would guess is a formality in that, really, either of those two could get the start and the Broncos would be fine. My guess is Nance gets the nod.
    13. Hoyte "OR" Turner backing up Deuce. Again, really, anyone could start here and I would be comfortable.
    14. STUD End with Correa. This is basically a slam dunk, no brainer.
    15. WLB stays the same. Weaver gets the start.
    16. Just like at STUD end, Vallejo the clear choice to start at MLB. However, Martarano is no slouch. Lee will be solid.
    17. Nickel sees a shift. Instead of a tossup between Maston and Miles, it is James with Maston as the number two. Good for James. Good for us.
    18. Cornerbacks. Biggest shakeup on here is Horton on the two deep. Impressive.
    19. Sumner-Gardner with the start, and Miles on the two deep. Miles gets his snaps though.
    20. Darian Thompson. Enough said.
  • Rise of the machines freshmen
    1. The coaching staff said they want to get Butler on the field. That is awesome. Personally, I am a fan of red-shirting, but while these guys are lifting weights, and running sprints I am eating nachos. So what I like is irrelevant.
    2. Unless I am missing something, Butler and Rypien are the only true freshman offensive players on the depth chart. If I were to guess, Butler has the highest probability of playing.
    3. Horton is going to play. There is basically no doubt in that. Which means I was totally off in my prediction that he would probably play this year, just not in the UW game. Ah well. Means a talented kid is going to contribute right away, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • No real surprises. But pleasant sights.
    1. Like above, seeing a local kid in Buhr crack the depth chart. Hopefully he gets his chance to prove himself and see the field.
    2. Same with Vander Esch. A local kid coming in as a walk-on and getting a full scholarship. AND a super cool nick-name that he does not mind?! Sign me up!
    3. Liking Demas on the depth chart. Fastest kid right now (even faster than SWR). Hopefully he gets his breakout.

    Your Turn

    What do you think about the depth chart for the Washington game? Good? Bad? Awesome?