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Knee-Jerk Reactions to Boise State vs. ISU

Stand clear, doc!

  • Finley finally looks like he's hit his groove!
  • So of course he gets injured.
  • Is this the year of the QB injury? BYU's Taysom Hill, Notre Dame's Malik Zaire, and now Ryan Finley.
  • Does Chuckie Keeton stand a snowball's chance?
  • Our defenders were laying the wood on receivers! I can think of one hit where Dylan Sumner-Gardner lit up his man, and one pass out to the flat where Correa looked like he had a personal vendetta against the receiver.
  • Boom, don't wink at my girlfriend.
  • In my mind, Stuart was the guy to back up Finley, and he played amazing!
  • ...Then Rypien came in. He played amazinger.
  • As much as I wanted Rypien to redshirt this year, I dunno anymore. Very KellenMooreesque.
  • So maybe it's the year of the freshman QB? UCLA, BYU and now us?
  • Remember when Hedrick was just put in for run-option plays? Maybe Stuart can be that guy!
  • McWeapon increased his opening season touchdowns record by one before Finley hit Huff.
  • Do these announcers get any names right? "Hold-em Huff," "Madison 44-Magnum," "Bryan Rypien?"
  • Did that cameraman just get sniped with a tranquilizer?
  • Is the live-action director watching Seinfeld re-runs? Hello-o-o-o, the game's over here?
  • Is CBS Sports Network run by a high school broadcasting program? Just kidding! My high school broadcasting program is way better!
  • Someone should get that other announcer a box to stand on. All we can see is the top of his head.
  • Every play is 1st-and-10. Every. Play.
  • (Well, it kinda was when Rypien took the field.)
  • Finally, a long pass that connects with the receiver!
  • We got another cameraman down. Smelling salts, anyone?
  • BSU shortest duration drive: 2 plays, 62 yards, 19 seconds: Touchdown.
  • ISU shortest duration drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, 20 seconds: Interception
  • I like this pace. If we keep it up defensively and offensively, we're looking at (let's see... 120 minutes x 60 seconds/20 seconds/2... carry the one...) 180 touchdowns per game!
  • Can anyone say 1,260-burger?
  • Our whole running back corps looked awesome! I was happy to see Pastor Field's boy playing in our pasture-field!
  • Give Cory Young the dang touchdown. He earned it, review it.
  • Demas is so flippin' fast! Reminded me of every play New Mexico ran on us last year!
  • Too soon?
  • Man, I sure hope Finley is okay. Nothing season-ending!
  • If not, I'm sure glad we have talent to back him up.
  • Go Broncos!