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Boise State Drops in Underdog Poll: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-17-15

Under Do-o-o-o-og!

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State Drops to Number 3 in Underdog Poll

So now we're the underdogs in the Underdogs Poll. Which, according to them, should make us even awesomer, right? Temple has taken the #2 spot with their win over Cincinnati, and Brigham Young Unibrow-city has claimed the #1 spot.

(P.S. Anyone else think that photo background is a little...funny?)

Boise State Could Still Sneak Into NY6 Bowl

Bill Connely still thinks there's a chance we could make a NY6 bowl, and I agree. There's a lot of season left to be played, and we have the benefit of name recognition and exciting games, should some of the other contenders match our win/loss record. I would even contend that (with our opponents finishing strong), we could leapfrog a lesser-known team with a better record.

BSU/BYU Highlight Video

Don't worry, these are our highlights, reminding us about some very good things that happened in that game! Truly, we have a talented squad. If this were a role-playing game, I would just work on building our "luck" attribute a bit more. (IF I played RPGs, which could stand for "rocket-propelled grenade," for all I know, and I'm probably not fooling anyone at this point.)

BSU vs ISU Preview

This one from MWC Connection, and doesn't contain as many funny pictures or observations as Drew's. But hey, my job is just to find the links and link them!

Boise State's Full Swim Schedule Announced

I love swimming, but only at a leisurely pace.


Feline Mythbusters. My cat just recently had a batch of adorable kittens, and I just wish they wouldn't grow any bigger and reproducier.