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Idaho State University Anagram Roster

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

  • Idaho State University = Theives Oust Anti Dairy
  • Pocatello, Idaho = Ooh Placated Oil
  • Mike Kramer = Meek Irk Ram
Offensive starters for Idaho State University
  • WR (L) Madison Mangum = Maids Gonna Mum
  • WR (Slot) KW Williams = Aw Kill Swim
  • LTTerrence Carey = Rec Center Year
  • LG Wesley Wingrove = Weevils Gone Wry
  • C Christian Diehm = Mr Dietician Shh
  • RG Skyler Phillips = Risky Pill Helps
  • RT Chase Collins = Ill SEC Nachos
  • TE Josh Cook = Jocks Ooh
  • WR (R) Broc Malcom = Mr Lamb Coco
  • QB Michael Sanders = Senile Drachmas
  • RB Xavier Finney = Very Inane Fix
Defensive starters for Idaho State University
  • LE Tyler Kuder = Elk Turd Rye
  • N  JonRhyeem Peoples = Enjoy Peepholes Mr
  • RE  Chris Edwards = Rich Dress Wad
  • Rush Kurt Karstetter = Star Trekker Tut
  • SAM CJ Langlow = Clang Jowl
  • MAC Hayden Stout = Nut Shade Toy
  • WILL Jake Pettit = Tape Jet Kit
  • SS Kamino Ward = A Kinda Worm
  • FS Cody Sorensen = En Soy Scorned
  • RCB Khary Livingston-Coleman = Channeling A Risky Loom TV
  • LCB Erik Collins = Sonic Killer


  • K Zak Johnson = Zak Johnson (literally no anagrams found)

  • P Tanner Gueller = El Runt Gleaner
  • LS Andrew Burtenshaw = A Warred Bunts When
  • PR Hagen Graves = Her Gave Sang
  • KR Jakori Ford = I Do Fork Jar