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Boise State's McNichols in Record Book: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-16-15

Records are made to be broken.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

McNichols a Scoring Machine

Jeremy McNichols has scored the first five touchdowns of the season, something which has never before happened at BSU. I love McNichols' feel for the game! I always get excited when he gets the ball, because I know he's going to do something when he does. His cutback when he looked like he was going out-of-bounds for a score surprised the BYU defense and had my house cheering! I look forward to seeing what other types of records he can break (remember, his whole reason for coming to BSU was so he could play RB, because he "wanted more action than a WR gets"). He'll get it! I just hope he has a couple more years to give us.

Boise State, Idaho State Preview

The unofficial line on this one is BSU by 29 points, according to this writer. I still think it will be a good game to watch, because Boise State can work out problems on offense and shore up secondary problems. Still, it's always good not to sleep on FCS teams (yeah, stupid SEC). We still have to run our playbook and not get too cute, but at the same time, perhaps try a few things out because this won't be as watched as our other games.

Drinkwitz on Offense

OC Elijah Drinkwitz has owned up and said the problems on offense are on him (which I think the team has a share of). The fact that he's acknowledging there's room for improvement makes me excited to see how we look when the team is really clicking! 70-burgers are always fine with me.

BYU Justifies Non-Suspension for Nut-Punch

This is a really "upper-thigh area"-headed thing to do.


Still one of my favorite videos I've made (starring my kids).