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Boise State Depth Chart Versus Idaho State

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

With the third week upon us, we have our first real shake up of the depth chart. Mostly everything stays the same, but we do have a couple of shifts due to eligibility questions and chronic health issues.


  • X receiver: Thomas Sperbeck, D.J. Dean, Austin Cottrell
  • H receiver: Shane Williams-Rhodes, Terrell Johnson, Akilian Butler
  • Z receiver: Chaz Anderson, A.J. Richardson
  • LT: Rees Odhiambo, Troy Bacon
  • LG: Mario Yakoo, Travis Averill, Andrew Tercek
  • C: Marcus Henry, Mason Hampton
  • RG: Steven Baggett, Kellen Buhr, Tennessee Su'esu'e
  • RT: Archie Lewis, Jerhen Ertel
  • TE: Jake Roh, Holden Huff, Jake Hardee, Alec Dhaenens
  • QB: Ryan Finley, Thomas Stuart, Alex Ogle, Brett Rypien
  • RB: Jeremy McNichols, Kelsey Young, Devan Demas, Jack Fields


  • DE: Tyler Horn, Sam McCaskill, Rondell McNair
  • NT: Armand Nance, Robert Ash
  • DT: Justin Taimatuia, Tutulupeatu Mataele, Elloit Hoyte
  • STUD: Kamalei Correa, Gabe Perez, Jabril Frazier
  • WLB: Ben Weaver OR Tyler Gray, Leighton Vander Esch
  • MLB: Tanner Vallejo, Joe Martarano, Darren Lee
  • N: Chanceller James, Mercy Maston
  • CB: Donte Deayon, Tyler Horton
  • S: Dylan Sumner-Gardner, Kameron MIles
  • S: Darian Thompson, Cameron Hartsfield
  • CB: Jonathon Moxey, Raymond Ford

Special Teams

  • K: Tyler Rausa, Blake Gonzalez
  • HOLD: Sean Wale
  • SNAP: Kevin Keane, Matt Cota
  • P: Sean Wale
  • KO: Tyler Rausa, Blake Gonzalez
  • KR: Jeremy McNichols, Kelsey Young
  • PR: Shane Williams-Rhodes, Donte Deayon

Notes and Wild Speculation

  1. Biggest shifts (read: only shifts) belong to the defensive line: Nance the lone starter at nose tackle with Ash as the backup.
  2. Taimatauia now at starting DT with Mataele, and Hoyte backing up.
  3. Two things that are glaring: the complete lack of Antoine Turner as he deals with "eligibility" issues, and Taimatuia with the shift over.
  4. If there is one thing that can be gleaned from the Turner "eligibility" issue is that the NCAA has such a GREAT track record for being, well, reasonable about a student's eligibility. Without knowing any details (and with good reason) of Turner's situation, hopefully he is able to get back on the field ASAP. Though being off the depth chart in its entirety is never a good sign for the situation.
  5. The Broncos should just get an exemption for Taimatauia to let him play without a helmet. We can only assume that, like Samson, Taimatauia's power is in his hair and by containing it in such a constrictive helmet, it restricts his playmaking ability. The rest of the teams on the schedule should be wary if the NCAA grants said exemption.
  6. Who wants to see Dereck Boles make more plays? Seeing him light up the BYU backfield was a pleasure and most definitely a bright spot of the night.
  7. False starts. That was definitely a thing that happened during the BYU game. An odd thing. Lewis had struggled mightily and, for me, it is interesting he still gets the nod at RT. If I were to guess, Averill is going to be getting some time there.
  8. Perez still behind Correa, however he's been out due to injury. Hopefully he makes an appearance during the Idaho State game. Miss that neck roll.
  9. For as much time as DJ Dean spends second on the depth chart, he seems to be missing from a lot of ACTUAL games. I hope that his injury woes are short-term and we get to see him make plays.
  10. How many punts has SWR actually returned so far this year? I always recall Deayon getting the nod. Seems as though SWR is just there out of habit?
  11. As was noted on a different thread: Maston has been making waves and definitely been a solid "second." Curious if the "OR" designation will make an appearance there as Maston continues to have solid game time.

Your Turn

I know that there may be a certain position change that some people want to see, however the coaches have reiterated their support. Seems as though these things are released just as an exercise of "who goes where" versus something with any real substance. What actually happens on game day is really anyone's guess. So what other changes, shake ups, permutations might pique your interest?