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Press Conference With Boise State: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 9-15-15

Sorry about missing yesterday!

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Bryan Harsin Addresses Loss, Future

One loss does not define a program. Heck, not even two losses! I have complete confidence that BSU can win the MWC, and even win out their season, because there were some very good things happening in that game when we weren't under too much pressure to perform. Unfortunately, some pundits are projecting Temple or Houston to take the NY6 spot now. So these are two of the teams we need to root against while taking care of our own business. Looking at Temple's schedule, they have Notre Dame later on, who was nearly beat by Virginia (our opponent after ISU). On Houston's schedule, they have Tulsa, who are currently 2-0 going into their game against a resurgent Oklahoma team this weekend. Let's hope for G5 chaos (minus us)!

Reactions to BSU Loss Overblown?

Is it time to call for heads or collect our heads? I still am very optimistic about this team, especially with such a dominant defense. Finley has shown he can put together great drives when he's not trying to throw into a sea of defenders, but honestly, the pressure was put on with :45 left and a touchdown needed to win. I don't think I would have done any better, so just imagine putting me on the bench next week if you need to satisfy that need. ISU is a great team to find a groove against before visiting Virginia.


I don't want to post any more BSU stories, because they're all about how awesome BYU's win was, and it just makes me feel like this.