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Who's Betting on Boise State: Week 2-- WUBN 9-11-15

Before every game, I scour the interwebs for pundits picking for or against Boise State. This game is an interesting matchup, so I think there might be a few more houses to egg than last week. This week: BSU @ BYU

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Mountain West Connection

Writer Hank Corless seems to agree with Boise State being favorites by 2.5 points (A field goal minus half a point for Mario Yakoo eating a corndog on the line.)

USA Today

They all seem to agree on every game except ours. Side note: Who else wants to see Virginia upset Notre Dame? Or Hawaii upset Ohio Sta...hahahaha, okay, nevermind!

CBS Sports

Once again, a divided panel. (Please blow out BYU, Broncos!)

247 Sports

They pick Boise State to win and cover the spread. We'd better win by at least a field goal.

What If Sports

They simulate games and BSU wins 58.4% of the time.

SB Nation

It's short enough, I'll just quote it:

BYU won a game it should have lost due to a Hail Mary, and Boise State, thanks to ridiculously poor special teams, failed to cover a game it should have easily covered. Betting against Week 1 overreactions.

Sports Illustrated

This _________*  writer seemed to think Finley looked "lost against one of the Pac-12's worst teams" last Friday. Well I disagree! I Think his first half was great, and Washington is going to find their stride behind a young genius!

*Mad lib a disparaging adjective

Under the Bleacher Report

They pick BSU to not cover a 1.5 spread (according to them). I'd guess this means they're predicting a BYU win. Bad Bleacher Report!


The lines are-a-changin'

Campus Insiders:

Updated Playoff Predictions From ESPN

Here's a change: Mark Schlabach has us in the Fiesta Bowl against Oregon, while Brett McMurphy has us in the Las Vegas bowl against Cal. (We all know Cal likes to make up rules.)

McMurphy thinks Utah State will represent the G5 teams in the Fiesta Bowl. Uh... did he see their performance against an FCS team?

Here's another brief discussion of playoff implications from ESPN, an article on Tanner Mangum's first start against  his hometown team, and A story on BSU bringing The Blue with them.

Go Broncos! (See you in the gamethread!)