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The University of Washington Huskies Anagram Roster

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

University of Washington = A Infighter Noisy Nuts Vow

Seattle, Washington = A Athlete Stings Own

Chris Petersen = Screen Eh Trips

Offensive Starters for the University of Washington Huskies:

(When there was an "OR" designation, I took the first name listed.)

  • WR: Brayden Lenius = Blarney Undies
  • LT: Coleman Shelton = Camels Neon Loth
  • LG: Jake Eldrenkamp = Naked Jam Elk Rep
  • C: Siofisa Tufunga = Iguana Fits Of Us
  • RG: Shane Brostek = Banshee Stork
  • RT: Matt James = Jam Me Stat
  • TE Joshua Perkins = Praise Oh Junks
  • QB: Jeff Lindquist = Squid Lent Jiff
  • TB: Dwayne Washington = A Yawned Thing Owns
  • WR Jayden Mickens = Ninja Deck Ye Ms
  • WR: Dante Pettis = Ant Diet Step
Defensive Starters for the University of Washington Huskies

  • DE: Joe Mathis = Shame I Jot
  • NT: Elijah Qualls = Ha Jail Quells
  • DT: Taniela Tupou = A Tuna Lute Poi
  • BUCK: Travis Feeney = Avert Eyes Fin
  • LB: Azeem Victor = Overcame Zit
  • LB: Keishawn Bierria = Hairer Swan Bike
  • LB: Cory Littleton = Corn LIttle Toy
  • S: Brian Clay = Banal Cry I
  • S: Budda Baker = Bad Bark Due
  • CB: Sidney Jones = Ed Enjoys Sin
  • CB: Kevin King = Given Kink

  • PK: Cameron Van Winkle = Larvae Mince Known
  • P: Korey Durkee = Dorky Eek Rue
  • KOR: Budda Baker = Ad Drake Bub
  • PR: Dante Pettis = Neat Dip Test
  • LS: Ryan Masel = Snarl Ay Me
  • HLD: Jeff Lindquist: = End Jiff Qi Lust