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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 26, Devan Demas

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

With just 26 days left until the magic bean starts jumping again for Boise State, let us review a runningback—Devan Demas

#26, Devan Demas, RS Junior, RB

devan demas


Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 175 lbs

High School: Cypress Creek HS, Houston, TX

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Demas amassed a whopping 2,114 all-purpose yards and 26 total touchdowns as senior for Cypress Creek High School (D.J. Harper's alma mater). By looking at his highlight reel (see below), it's not hard to see why. He's fast... real fast. He's also quite slippery. Despite these stats and his undoubted skills, he was only ranked as the 163rd best player in talent-rich Texas. That also means he made a lot of top-ranked defensive recruits look completely foolish. All in all, Demas was a 3-star recruit and had a .8556 composite ranking by 247 Sports. He turned down scholarship offers from Indiana, Iowa State, Rice, Utah, UTEP, and Wake Forest to sign with your beloved Boise State Broncos. Not too often we compete with the Demon Deacons for a recruit.


"Road Runner"

Dude is fast.


Shawn Wayans

Career Highlights

So far has played 21 games for the Broncos. Appeared in all of the games last year. But when you are in line behind a future NFL hall of famer, your touches are going to suffer. His most active game was Wyoming with eight carries for 46 yards, and a touchdown. His best run was a 73-yard run against Louisiana. He has 298 career rushing yards a 6.5 yard-per-attempt and only three touchdowns.

2015 Prospectus

How do you replace a dude that was good enough to leave school early and go to the NFL?

You don't.

At least, not at the outset. Because we have the benefit of a depth chart to reference, we can see that, well, he is not on the "current" two deep. But that does not necessarily mean a whole lot. As Drew mentioned earlier in the week many grains of salt need to be taken with these early depth charts.

So where can we pencil Mr. Demas for the fall?

We know that he is known for his speed. And he has been around the program a while. But Mr. McNichols is no speed slouch, and Mr. Young (the elder) is quite the veteran, taking the opportunity to play his final year of eligibility for the Broncos.

If McNichols or K Young do not outright dominate the touches, then running back by committee would seem to be the expectation. Definitely a 180 from the running game of last year.

There should not be any apprehension when it comes to Demas getting time. He has done well when given the opportunities that he has had. But there always seems to be someone in the way. Baltazar for a brief time, when Ajayi had his struggles, comes to mind. No doubt Demas will have his opportunities, just hopefully he can make the most of them and add, extensively, to his highlight reel.

Is he on Twitter?

Could not find him.

Completely Made Up Fact

San Demas High School? Totally stole the name from Devan.