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OBNUG Boise State Football Fall Camp Photos

Firstly, I need to apologize to you Nuggies for really goofing on the interviews today. They started at 12:30. I was running late.

I was on the River Street exit by 12:43 when I got a text from Joe (the Sports Information Director) that they were done.

That is my bad. Trust me, I was every bit of looking forward to those interviews as you guys were. Probably more so. At any rate, I was NOT going to miss practice. So hung around the Varsity Center for three hours. (Joking of course. Kind of.)

Which brings us to open practice. For any football fan just seeing and hearing football activity is a fantastic thing to witness.

With that being said, the open practice time was limited to individual drills and position groups. Quarterbacks practicing hand offs. Running backs working with pass protection and hitting the holes. Linemen on their blocking techniques.

I got the opportunity to take some pictures of these moments and get a small glimpse into some practice time with the Broncos.

I apologize, in advance, for the quality of these photos. I did not have the good OBNUG camera, but for the next time, I will make sure I have it handy.

Thanks guys!