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The Case For Boise State in the Big XII: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-7-15

Let's expound upon expansion.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State, BYU Should be Considered for Expansion

Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman believes it's time for the Big XII to expand, especially after two really strong Big XII teams were snubbed for the playoffs last season (I guarantee writers wouldn't be so high on ranking Ohio State #1 in every preseason ranking if TCU had been given an invite). The teams he makes the case for are Boise State and BYU. He examines branding, TV market, geographic location, academics, and politics. Where we receive the lowest marks is in academics, but I believe this perception is a holdover from yesteryear, and Boise State is making strides to improve. I'd like to see an updated statistic that tells where our academics stand to back his claim.

Day 1 Video From Fall Camp:

So-o-o-o flippin' stoked!

Idaho Statesman Recap of Day 1

This has video of different position drills, as well as updates on new walk-ons (replacing our recent walked-offs). Worth a gander, even though I think our intrepid OBNUG team has it covered well enough.

Orlando Sentinel Ranks BSU #21

Apparently, they discuss their rankings on community television. (Sorry, that's just the broadcasting teacher in me being critical.)


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