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OBNUG at Boise State Football Fall Camp

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Hi Guys!

So, you may have heard that OBNUG will be represented at fall camp. I know I am excited. Are you?

With that being said, your humble intrepid reporter, Damien Alambra, will be at the interviews today and the 25 minutes of practice they allow us to view.

Here is who we have on tap for interviews today:

Joey Martarano

Sam McCaskill

Justin Taimatuia

Coach Caldwell

Because we are "of the fans" I want to know what YOU want to know. This is a chance for you to get a question asked!

(Please note: because I may be within hugging distance of Caldwell, 95% of my energy will be spent trying NOT to hug him. We'll see how that goes.)

This is not a guarantee your question will be asked, as I already have a few for Martarano. Mostly churros based.

But I will try and see what I can do.

We also get to take pictures at camp. Which is great BUT, and this is a big one, what we are allowed to release I will try to get some pass drills, players hitting stuff, and others catching stuff, you know, the usual.

Also, one other thing. Do you follow OBNUG on Twitter? If not, you should. We have been given permission to Periscope the interviews (yes, only the interviews). So I will be live-streaming the content as it happens. So you will be able to watch me get escorted off campus for getting too uncomfortably close to Caldwell (I will have no regrets).

EDIT: Interviews start at 12:30 p.m. so follow OBNUG around that time.

So join us for as much content as we are allowed to distribute, and GO BRONCOS!