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SI Previews Boise State: Jolly Good Afternoon, Bronco Nation 8-5-15

Had to take the kid to get braces this morning.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated Previews the Broncos

Pretty good analysis of the team, however brief it may be. They picked Jake Roh as our team's x-factor, and I'd love to see him continue to play solidly as a tight end who can catch in traffic across the middle, and then draw enough defenders that nobody sees SWR burning a hot-white streak up the sideline.

I still can't help but think P5 bias comes into rankings though, when Arizona is ranked above us. But hey, it's all preseason talk anyway; history is made on the field, not in sports writers' online ramblings! In that case, let me just predict an undefeated season, an unprecedented berth into the playoffs as the #4 seed, and a national championship trophy for the Broncos.

Will the Rise of Big 10 Football Change the Channel we Watch Football on?

Andy Staples discusses this in his latest article, but I can't help but think different sports networks buying up college football TV rights could also mean more exposure for us (even though we're pretty well covered right now). I hate to say it,  but I can't afford the satellite packages with all the extra sports networks on them, so thank goodness there's always links in the game threads!

Early Bracketology Believes BSU is in the Big Dance

What do analysts think of our men's basketball team next season? You have to have an ESPN Insider subscription to read the whole thing (which I don't), so enjoy the first paragraph!

BSU is Overwhelming Las Vegas Favorite to Win MWC

Sorry, UNLV... no love from your hometown.

Color Schemes Revealed for Home Games

If we were playing SDSU this season, I'd suggest the color scheme were "invisible" for Rocky Long's sake (but then we might just get people showing up naked or not at all).


Let's check in with BatDad!