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Boise State Names Starters for Opener Against UW: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-31-15

How'd we stack up?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State Names Starters, Captains

There's still a question about some of the backup spots; notably, quarterback, which includes the possibility of true freshman Brett Rypien burning a redshirt to play this season. Jeremy "Weapon" McNichols and Chancellor James are named starters at RB and safety. Archie Lewis bumped veteran Jehren Ertel from the top right tackle spot (or should that read the top spot at right tackle--no such thing as top-right tackle). The coaches really want to get the right player for the right position, and nobody's job is safe if they don't produce results. A few more true freshman are listed as 2nd and 3rd string, including Akilian Butler at slot receiver and Tyler Horton at defensive back. There's still a few starters yet to be named at nose tackle and weak-side linebacker.

Just click on the link and delve in!

Campus Insiders Believes BSU has Shot at Playoffs

Just a short video preview of this year's squad.

Welcome Back Kotter Coach Petersen!

I hope we as a fan base have enough class to out-cheer the boos when Coach Petersen comes into Albertson's Stadium on Friday. The man deserves a standing ovation for all the good he has done for our team over the years!

Kellen Moore Facing Roster Cut This Week

Sad to say, but Dan Orlovsky has out-played Kellen Moore for the backup spot on the Lions roster this preseason, but there's one more game on Thursday to determine if he's just been holding out to wow everyone where they're most likely to have it fresh in their memory before the cuts come. Personally, I think he traveled to the future and saw himself taking over as OC of the Broncos after we win a national championship and Drinkwitz becomes Dean of Diabolical Reasoning at Boise State. No need to continue on in this charade of pawns. He's meant to be King Kellen!


I've always had a lot of fun with The Dialectizer! You can translate any website (or writing) into different dialects, including redneck, Elmer Fudd, jive, cockney, Swedish Chef, moron, pig latin, or hacker. Here's in redneck, for instance.