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Dr. Saturday Previews Boise State: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-3-15

Fall camp's a-comin'!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Dr. Saturday Sees Potential Undefeated BSU Team

I think we'll have a good idea of what this team is capable of after the season opener against Washington, but I really hope they learn to gel before traveling to Provo to face BYU. Her players to watch are Ryan Finley and Tanner Vallejo. If I were an opposing offensive player, I'd definitely watch for Vallejo. He hurts people.

What Sort of Precedent Does Not Suspending Finley Set?

Shane Larsen discusses this in his latest article, but I think he draws the conclusion that most of us have come to: Namely, "In Harsin We Trust." He's got insight into the situation and Finley's character to know what's best for him and the team.

Chanceller James to See Limited Action in Fall Ball

James' recovery from his ACL tear is progressing rapidly enough that he could take the field this Thursday when Fall practice starts. This article contains other tidbits of BSU news, so I'd recommend clicking on the link. B.J. Rains keeps his ear to the ground!

MWC Not Likely to Make Playoff

This article is prolly calling it like it is, but I still think we should go undefeated, just to make the decision to not include us very uncomfortable for most rational folks whose pockets are not being lined with NCAA money! (So uncomfortable, they decide to expand the playoff, right?)

What's More Important: A Good QB or a Good Defense?

This one's easy. Both, doy.


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