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Roundtable Discussion: Predicting Boise State's game one depth chart and more

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Earlier in the week, I asked the OBNUG braintrust to participate in the first official roundtable discussion of the 2015 season and predict the two-deep Bronco depth chart for the opener. It's a sneaky tricky question, which is why I didn't tell them that the person with the most incorrect spots on the roster will be voted off OBNUG island—unless they have the OBNUG immunity talisman (a Marty Tadman bobblehead). I also threw in some bonus questions for your entertainment: "predict Ryan Finley's end-of-year stats" and "give an unrealistic (but not technically impossible) prediction about the 2015 season". Now, I'll leave it to these fellas (and myself, who is also a fella).


First off...starting lineup of the coaches: Starting-Bryan Harsin, 2nd- Eliah Drinkwitz, Left Out- Robert Prince


QB - Ryan Finley, Tommy Stuart (I still think they redshirt Rypien and put in the guy with experience as the backup)
RB - Jeremy McNichols, Kelsey Young, and then Jack Fields in garbage time (He'll ensure we still keep possession and run out the clock--maybe a touchdown or twelve)
WR - Shane Williams-Rhodes, Thomas Sperbeck, Chaz Anderson, and A.J. Richardson (editors note: this is NOT a two-deep, Russ)
TE - Jake Roh, Holden Huff, then Jake Hardee and Jake Knight (SoMa Jakes!)
O-Line - RT Steven Baggett, RG Mario "Myfavoriteplayer" Yakoo, C Marcus Henry, LG Travis Averill, LT Rees Odhiambo (Combining for 1,512 lbs. of don't-move.)


(copied wholesale from Casey’s picks)
DL: Horn, Nance, Turner, Correa> McNair, Taimatuia OR Deuce, Hoyte OR McCaskill, Perez
LB: Vallejo, Weaver > Matarano, Gray
N: James OR Maston
CB: Deayon, Moxey > Ford, Horton
S: Thompson, DSG > Miles, Hartsfield

Finley’s stats:

He was about at 45% completion last season, but I feel like more reps with the receivers in practice has improved his accuracy and decision-making. In the scrimmage, he went 13 for 17 for 111 yards and a TD (no interceptions). That's a 76% completion rate! (Hedrick was #1 nationally with 70%.) Given, I don't think he'll have that sort of consistency throughout the season, but I'm hopeful he has matured enough to protect the ball and score. So I'm going high-to-middlin' with my prediction: 67% completion rate, 3,500 yards (mostly through the air), and 28 TD, 7 INT (4:1 ratio).

My unrealistic prediction:

Kamalei Correa and Tanner Vallejo combine for a nation-high 30 sacks. Boom.



QB: Finley > Ogle > Stuart > Rypien (redshirt)
RB: McNichols > K Young > C Young > Fields OR Demas > Wolpin
WR: Sperbeck, Anderson, SWR > Cottrell, Richardson, Modster OR Smith (This could shake out a lot different, ie. Butler making appearances).
OL: Odhiambo, Averill, Henry, Yakoo, Baggett > Tennessee, Larson, Hampton, Bacon, Lewis (I'm pretty terrible at identifying where someone should play on the OL. Definitely not my strong suit).


DL: Horn, Nance, Turner, Correa> McNair, Taimatuia OR Deuce, Hoyte OR McCaskill, Perez
LB: Vallejo, Weaver > Matarano, Gray (These are all fairly interchangeable because they all are awesomesauce).
N: James OR Maston
CB: Deayon, Moxey > Ford, Horton
S: Thompson, DSG > Miles, Hartsfield

Finley’s stats

Off the cuff guesses of course. As far as Finley's stats, I think he will be in the 66-68% completion percentage and a 2.5:1-3:1 TD:INT ratio. My guess is low 3k for yardage.

My unrealistic prediction

We make the 4 team playoff. Not likely, but still possible with a strong September and not-so-close conference play. We will have to win convincingly in all of our games AND need all of those teams to play well outside of playing us. So a lot of it will be out of our hands as well. Good times!



QB: Finley > Ogle
RB: McNichols > C. Young
WR: Sperbeck > Richardson
WR: C Anderson > Cottrell
WR: SWR > Modster
TE: Roh > Huff
LT: Odhiambo > Ertel
RG: Yakoo > Bacon
C: Henry > Hampton
RG: Averill > Su'esu'e
RL: Baggett > Lewis


End: Horn > McCaskill
Nose: Nance > Taimatuia
Tackle: Turner > Mataele
Stud: Correia > Perez
LB: Weaver > Gray
LB: Vallejo > Martarano
Nickel: Maston > Miles
CB: Deayon > Horton
CB: Moxey > Ford
SS: James > DSG
FS: Thompson > Hartsfield

Finley’s stats

3,500 yards passing; 25 tds/11 ints; 60% completion

My unrealistic prediction

14-0 and a NY6 Bowl win



Quarterback: Ryan Finley, Alex Ogle

Running back: Jeremy McNichols, Kelsey Young OR Devan Demas

Wide Receiver: Thomas Sperbeck, AJ Richardson

Wide Receiver: Shane Williams-Rhodes, Rick Smith

Wide Receiver: Chaze Anderson, Austin Cottrell

Tight end: Jake Roh, Holden Huff

Left tackle: Rees Odhiambo, Jerhen Ertel

Left guard: Mario Yakoo, Tennessee Su'esu'e

Center: Marcus Henry, Andrew Tercek

Right guard: Travis Averill, Troy Bacon

Right tackle: Archie Lewis, Steven Baggett


STUD: Kamalei Correa, Gabe Perez

DT: Deuce Mataele, Antoine Turner

NT: Armand Nance, Justin Taimatuia OR Robert Ash

DE: Tyler Horn, Sam McCaskill

WLB: Ben Weaver OR Tyler Gray

MLB: Tanner Vallejo, Joe Martarano

Nickel: Chanceller James, Mercy Maston

Free safety: Darian Thompson, Cameron Hartsfield

Strong safety: Dylan Sumner Gardner, Kam Miles

Cornerback: Donte Deayon, Raymond Ford

Cornerback: Jonathan Moxey OR Tyler Horton

Finley's Stats

I think Finley will have a sophomore season somewhere between Jared Zabransky's and Kellen Moore's...which is to say "sort of like Ryan Dinwiddie's". 3,100 yards, 28 TDs, 10 INTs

My unrealistic prediction

Boise State will have two 1,000 yard rushers in 2015.