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Boise State's Correa Nominated for Herbie Award: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-28-15

Kama, Kama, Kama, Kama, Kamalei Cor-re-ah! He come and blow, your play up in the Ba-ack-field!

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Kamalei Correa Nominated for "Best Pass Rusher"

Kirk Herbstreit gives out his annual Herbie Awards, based on player performance last year, and which P5 conference he's currently infatuated with. (Seriously, he doesn't even have an award for Best G5 anything!) He nominated Correa for Best Pass Rusher, but opted to give it to Joey Bosa of Ohio State. I understand everybody being so high on last year's national champion until they're unseated, but a four-team playoff really doesn't seem like much of an accurate gauge of how they stack up against other tough teams. The way TCU manhandled ESS-EE-SEE Ole Miss in their bowl game... man, if only, if only...

Previewing the Tight Ends

Here's The Statesman's look at our tight end group, with an added video of three Jake Roh highlights (who some have called our hidden X-factor). These are the big, fast boys who can catch in traffic, and it takes some real guts to reel in a catch with a middle linebacker getting ready to blow you up. Not to mention concentration and toughness.

More About the Tight Ends

The first article is just nuggets of info, this one is a more in-depth look at our tight ends.


Remember how I was going to surprise my wife for our anniversary by having a celebrity TV chef cook dinner for her? Here's the video of that happening!