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Boise State Adds Three Walk-Ons: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-25-15

The slow news day before the storm.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Three Walk-Ons Added to Roster

The team was able to expand its roster after school began, and two of the three walk-ons are local products; DL Sawyer Shields from Eagle High and RB Tyus Zimmerman from Timberline. Let's hope these boys stand out and help make the team better!

Statesman Previews OL

Here's a breakdown of our offensive line, including the unmovable Archie Lewis, who coaches are pretty high on. It's possible the sophomore could crack the veteran O-line and start, according to this article.

Dawg Pond Thinks They Can Win

I know I misspelled "Pound", but it made me laugh so I kept it.

Look, I believe it's always good to keep a little optimism! But I think their reasoning as to why we'll lose is a little flawed. I guess we'll just have to settle this on the field, like every other game.

Vandal Butt-Hurt Prediction of BSU/UW (HT SC)

Senior Chief posted this in the comments yesterday, but I found it quite entertaining to read a Vardal's take on how Sept. 4th would go for the "Donks" (see, because we're Broncos, and that's like donkeyshahahhahahaLOLROFL!!!1!!!!1). I like this line:

I honestly don't see any way that UW comes to Boise and loses.

Well, I can see a plethora of ways, and you will too, come the 4th! (There's my optimism!)


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