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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 10, Cory Young

The last of the double digits. This countdown flew by! Today we highlight a player at one of the most contested positions on the roster: #10 Cory Young.

#10, Cory Young, RS Freshman, RB

Cory Young


Height: 5’10"

Weight: 200 lbs

High School: Norco High School, Norco, CA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

Via a quick trip from the recruiting hot bed that is California. He’s got a unique running style that I can’t recall seeing from any recently Bronco running backs. Possibly Jeremy Avery as he was very shifty, but Young seems to hit the gaps harder and faster. Listed as a  3-star recruit by Scout, Rivals, 247Sports and ESPN, Young received offers from Nevada, New Mexico State, Northern Arizona, San Jose State and had some interest from Washington State late.



I mean look at him. He’ll be getting ID’d for rated R movies until he’s 30!


Kelsey Young

Kelsey Young

Well duh, of course they look alike!

Career Highlights

Cory was rated as the #34 player at RB nationally by 247Sports, earned first-team All-CIF Southern Section Inland Division and first-team all-league his senior season. He was also named Norco HS MVP . He rushed 324 times for 2,450 yards and 22 TDs. WOW. That’s good for 7.6 yards per carry. His highest rushing game was against Corona Centennial for 421 yards. In case you were wondering, that’s more offensive yards than the Vandals put up in most games total! His junior year he had 79 rushes for 595 yards and 9 TDs, and 28 rushes for 214 yards and one TD his sophomore year. That brings his career grand totals to 431 rushes for 3,259 yards and 32 touchdowns, good for 7.56 yards per carry. Shabby, this is not.

2015 Prospectus

Cory's chances of seeing the field this year seem pretty good. While I feel McNichols will still be the starter, I think it could be a runningback-by-committee kind of season. I think just about everyone will see the field, and I have no problems with that. None of the running backs fared all of that great in the fall scrimmage from a rushing perspective. I credit a stellar D-line for that. Cory ran extremely hard and definitely showed some flashes. I know Kelsey was a little bit banged up so was pretty limited in the scrimmage, but he is very seasoned and didn’t need the carries. Demas, Fields and even Wolpin should see the field this year. With Kelsey only having one year and Fields completing his time at BSU this season, I think that is a great situation. With Demas being a junior, the more experience all of these guys can get, the better. This will be a fun group to watch this fall, I have no doubt!

Is he on Twitter?

He is, and he’s all about the fundamentals.

Completely made up fact

As a "hazing" ritual to welcome his brother, Kelsey, to the team, Cory convinced the other running backs to steal Kelsey's Nintendo DS. This isn't a standard hazing ritual, but Kelsey had borrowed the DS from his little brother before he headed to Stanford and had never given it back. Justice has been served—but Kelsey now has no way to play Pokemon.