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This Boise State Team is Poised to go 14-0: Good Afternoon, Bronco Nation 8-24-15

This one's worth clickin'!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation Previews Boise State

This is the best analysis of the 2015 BSU team I've read on the internet. Bill Connely compiles stats, analyzes last years' performances, and makes predictions on a level that, frankly, embarrasses the drive-by attempt to define BSU by ESPN and Sports Illustrated. There's many reasons we enjoy working for SB Nation, and I think this is a big one. Happy reading!

MWConnection on Fall Scrimmage

This asks the question, "Who will our starting QB be?" but barring that, there's some stats on how the scrimmage went.

Make Some Mountain West Predictions

There's already a few people who are predicting teams besides Boise State in the Championship Game, so we need to restore the balance to the force. It's okay with me if people don't pick us, because I keep salsa on my right shoulder for the chips placed on the left. Let the naysayers naysay!


This video is trending right now: How Daniel LaRusso is the real bully.