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Boise State numerical roster countdown 2015: Day 11, Brett Rypien

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Well, well, well. What do we have here? Yet another, kind of, retired number. Last worn by Kellen Moore Shane Williams-Rhodes, but semi-retired in Mr. Moore's honor. The guy for today? Hails from the state of Washington. Broke some records and is left handed was pretty well-renowned. With 11 days left to go, we'll review—Brett Rypien

#11 (4), Brett Rypien, Freshman, QB


Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 199

High School: Shadle Park HS, Spokane, WA

How'd he get to the Blue™?

A couple of things converged on Mr. Rypien's commitment to the Blue. Coach Sanford's savvy recruiting, and Rypien's spurning of Washington State. Considering the lineage Brett has (Mark Rypien is his uncle), one could have assumed that Washington State would have been the front-runner for Brett's services. But even on his own, Rypien could have gone almost anywhere he wanted. A universal four-star rated recruit, Brett was the Washington State Player of the Year by both the Seattle Times and the Tacoma News Tribune. During his senior season, threw for 4,552 yards. With interest (but not scholarship offer) from Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida, and Stanford. Scholarship offers include: Arizona State, Mississippi State, Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State. Heck, even Idaho decided throw a hat in the Rypien recruiting ring. Despite pushes from a lot of big-name schools, and an eventual departure of Coach Sanford, Rypien stayed true to his commitment. So much that he even graduated from high school early to join in on the QB battle for this upcoming season.


"2 x 8"

If I threw for eight touchdowns twice, I would insist on this.


Ryan Phillippe

Career Highlights

Has the most career passing yards in the state of Washington with 13,044 yards. 134 touchdowns, 50 of which were during his senior year. Had 400 rushing yards and a touchdown. In 2013 was the Male Athlete of the Year by the Inland Northwest Sportswriters and Broadcasters. Set a single-game passing yards record with 613 yards.

2015 Prospectus

Well. As we all know by now, Finley won the starting job. Kind of takes the air out of the possibilities for this section.

But let us try anyway.

There are still a couple of questions concerning Mr. Finley's legal issues coming up. We know that he will not face any game suspensions so, barring anything massive coming up in approximately eleven days, Finley is expected to play. But what happens when he actually does go to trial instead of endless punts? Will there be any midseason suspensions warranted? What of Rypien's opportunities? Who is the bonafide back up? If I had my druthers (and I usually don't, but whatever) here is what I would prefer to happen: redshirt. Rypien did have a pretty decent showing in the scrimmage. 10/19 with one INT, but he did have two touchdowns and 94 yards. Ogle was 11/16, no INTs and 108 yards and a TD. Stuart had a rough go of it, most notably with two INTs.

Since Rypien did not outright win the starting spot, redshirt him for the rest of the year and give him more time under the system to develop and be awesome. If anything were to happen with Finley, Ogle or Stuart would be fine to bring in. Unless Rypien, like some of the other freshman coming in, is just too good to not play, not having the pressure to come in could help his development.

Is he on Twitter?

A man after my own heart. Except I have to make my own pizza rolls now.

Completely Made Up Fact

Though his last name is pronounced "Rippen" he actually prefers the three distinct syllables, with the first one "Rye" as in rye bread. His favorite bread for his favorite sandwich: hot pastrami on rye. That sounds good right about now.