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Ryan Finley named Boise State's 2015 starting quarterback

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

And the majority rejoiced.

Ryan Finley is the Boise State's starting QB  for 2015 and we can quit speculating now (boo! we love our speculating). Love the pick or less-than-love the pick, Finley is the quarterback with the most game experience and is a pretty safe choice for the coaching staff. Personally, I think the lanky signal-caller will be quite good. He has a very live arm and has shown nice touch on downfield passes. He's also been known to run a bit, albeit with a gallopy ends-justify-the-means gait. He's not going to go full Hedrick on teams, but he might have the best skill set for a pocket passer the Broncos have had in a little while.

Like the pick or not, Finley is the guy—and as long as he doesn't grow a bad mustache or have any balcony hijinks, I think Bronco Nation will rally behind him. Trust Harsin and staff to make the right call and Finley will earn it in short order. As luck would have it, we highlighted Finley just the other read up more on "Spindly" HERE.

Update: No backup has been named at this time...probably a game-week decision

Your turn

Feel free to weigh in on the announcement. My gut says that people will rally behind the sophomore regardless of which "horse" they had in the race.