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Boise State Highest-Ranked MWC Team: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-20-15

Some rankings are just rank.

SWR hungry.
SWR hungry.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Power Ranking All Football Teams

It should come as no surprise that BSU is the top-ranked MWC team, but where would we be power ranked among all teams in the country? According to this, we are a tier-3 team, just outside the top 25 (capable of a top-15 finish). It should send up a warning flag about their ranking system, though, when you scroll down and find dUI is #111 of 128 teams. Have they not seen them play? Oh, wait, nobody has.

They did make an interesting point about San Jose State's highly-ranked recruits: Now what? Are the recruits the difference makers in teams, or the program itself? We shall see...

Boise State has the #5 Most Overrated Fanbase

This according to USA today writer, Mike Foss (or "MF" for short):

It’s remarkable to witness the inflated sense of self worth from fans of Boise State; a team playing in the Mountain West. The team’s Wikipedia entry has a section titled “Constant Success.” Wyoming, New Mexico, and Air Force are in your conference. It’s harder to fail than it is to succeed.

Is it wrong to envision someone getting eaten by sharks?


SWR on Another Watch List

Another day, another watch list for Mr. Williams-Rhodes. This time, it's the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose watch list, which he has in the bag (if my notion is right that this is probably awarded to players with extra names).

ISU Football Previews Boise State

It's telling when the Journal just states that ISU's main goal for this game will be "staying healthy for future games".


Jon Bois is one of my favorite SB*Nation writers. His take on a Microsoft commercial from the 90s is a pretty fun read!