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Boise State's Harsin Tells it Like it is: Good Evening, Bronco Nation 8-19-15

Don't fence me in!

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Harsin Not Afraid to Talk About Huskies

Jim Rome interviewed Bryan Harsin and Coach Harsin acknowledged this game is different. They open at home for the first time in a few years against Coach Petersen, and Harsin promises that, "when it's time to play, we'll be ready."

Oh and read through the comments, if you get a chance. The general consensus is that UW fans are pretty scared about this game. I would be too, if my O-line was full of holes and Kamalei Correa was staring down my QB.

Boise State Ranked #5 in USA Today's Re-Rankings

I like this line about BSU:

Then comes Boise State — and yes, the Broncos are going to be very, very good. Rounding out the best of the best: TCU, Oregon, Arizona State, Michigan State and Stanford.

I believe we will be very, very, scary good.

How to Take Advantage of BSU Game Day

I didn't realize the Bronco Shop discounts 5% off apparel for every touchdown scored the Monday after. Huh! (But they are wise to limit the discount to 25%, or else everything would be free.)

Single Game Tix go on Sale Monday

9am Mountain Time, on or by calling 208-426-4737. $25-$75


My wife lost control of her car and went off the road, taking out a vinyl fence, so I've been repairing fence today. I think this is some footage from her dash-cam.