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Preview of Boise State's Road Opponents: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-18-15

On the road again...

The Sinister (?) Six Road Opponents

The BYU is the road opponent that worries me the most. I'm sure LaVell Edwards Stadium will be packed and loud, and BYU will be back to their normal, competitive selves if Taysom Hill stays upright. I never did find out what happened to the players who were involved in the kerfuffle in BYU's bowl game (or was it more of a brouhaha?). Are they still playing?

The road teams that worry me least are the ones from our own division (San Jose State and UNLV). But every game is important, and every team is going to try to win the upset, so I'm sure Harsin will overlook none of them.

Vander Esch Interview

Leighton Vander Esch actually likes the nickname "Baby Giraffe", which is more than Doug Martin could say about his nickname. I personally like the nicknames that are unique and weird.

(Better than "Magic" Michael Jordan or Ussain "Bolt".)

How silly! My nickname growing up was "Goobless Gahn", and then "Rooster" or "Roos" later. I prefer my rap names "Fresh Breff" or C-Rap". Any of you have unique nicknames?

Also, I can't wait to watch Vander Esch play!

Darren Lee Interview

I just looked at my watch and I have to go... so I'm sorry this article is short today. Mr. Lee, I owe you one!