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Starting Running Back Might not be Selected Until After UW Game: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-17-15

Trial by fire

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

RB Candidates Will be put to Test in Live Action

Because most practices are not full-contact, the coaching staff is having a hard time deciding which running back candidate will start, and might not make a decision until after the season opener. Right now the projected depth has Jeremy McNichols at #1 and Kelsey Young at #2. But RB coach Lee Marks wants to see how they handle breaking through tacklers who have been given the go-ahead to take them to the turf. This Friday at 6:30 pm, you can go see the open scrimmage for free and watch them test their mettle against our defensive tacklers. Also, I'm jealous I don't live in Boise.

Quarterbacks Preview

Lots of sports writers and Nuggies have analyzed Coach Harsin's comments about the QB race after the first scrimmage, but here's another look from BSU Junior Shane Larson, if you're interested.

A-a-and Another One From MWConnection

Jeremy Mauss also gives us his take. Let me just say this: If Finley doesn't get the nod, I'll be surprised. But it will be a pleasant surprise, because that must mean someone else is better, and I think he's pretty solid.

The Old Man of the D-Line Ready to Play

27-year-old Tutulupeatau Mataele has a name that you can't pronounce. But that's okay, because he has the nickname "Deuce", and I've found that whenever someone with an "oo" sound in their name makes a play, the crowd tends to howl their name: Much easier than yelling, "Tu-tooooooo-lupeatau!" (Although, we should, just to show him how much we appreciate him!)


I love this music. I figured out the arrangement to Johnny Mercer's "Dream," and taught it to my kids. There's just something that seems to fix everything that ails ya in these sounds.