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Boise State Appears in ESPN College Football Playoff Spot

Some pretty good company.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

While Boise State's road to the CFP has many roadblocks, there is a comfort in the preset notion that if there would be a G5 team at least in the conversation, that team would be Boise State. In comes the mighty influencer: ESPN. While many Broncos folks grumble--loudly--at start times, days, etc., one cannot deny the sheer impact the visibility the Worldwide Leader provides.

As such, when hyping a system that is the most "fair" of a post-season that has ever been for the highest level of college football, it is good to be included so prominently. A "seat" at the table as it were. The irony is quite thick. especially the company that the featured table keeps.

buster at table

And the food chain for the CFP? The direct line looks mighty tasty. Almost hopeful for an accurate depiction.

The Buster Bronco rendition?

New avatar anyone? Or how about an angry Buster, ready to pounce!

For Boise State, being on the outside, looking in, is a common sight. No doubt a sight that will most likely continue for the foreseeable future. ESPN giving the Broncos the opportunity to shine both on the field and in these promos bodes well for the cache the school has built.

But the Broncos' fortunes are changing. While improbable Boise State makes a top four spot, the current consistency has bred a level of respect and benefit of the doubt. The work of the past has benefitted the Broncos to the tune of the G5 field getting more narrow. The visibility ESPN offers keeps the Broncos in the public view.

Creepy? Sure. But it puts eyeballs on Boise State. That is a good thing.