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Boise State QB Spot Still up for Grabs After Scrimmage: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-14-15

Throwing bombs.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Still no Starter at QB After First Scrimmage

It looks like Harsin is being pretty thorough at vetting his starting quarterback. They want to be sure that whomever is the primary play-caller can run a variety of different plays, and the job is still open until someone separates from the pack. I think you can read in-between the lines with Harsin's quote, though:

“The gap has closed. Ryan has done a very nice job. He’s executed. He’s managed the offense. He’s made plays. Tommy has done the same thing, has executed the offense well, has made plays. Rypien has really done a great job of catching up, being a young guy. And Alex Ogle, from spring to where he is now, his knowledge is better and he understands it and we know he has some great physical tools.”

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I took from this that there was a gap to begin with, which means the job is someone's to lose.

LA Times Previews Boise State

This writer has us in the top 20, at least, but it remains to be seen where they rank Arizona. I like this line:

The game is on Friday the fourth but, for Petersen, it will feel like the 13th.

Oh, snap!

Kellen Moore Humbly Building Orlovsky's Self-Worth

I mean, he could have just shown up at the preseason game and played lights-out, but he chose to be the better man and help fellow backup QB Dan Orlovsky feel like he was still competing for the job. That's the only way his average performance makes any sense to me.

3-Star Texas Receiver Likes Boise State

After getting offers from the likes of Texas Tech and Kansas, WR Bubba Ogbebor has moved Boise State to the top of his list. Let's hope he keeps it there!


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