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"Big Bad" Boise State Leads MWC's Rise: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-13-15

Movin' on up!

MWC Getting Better With Leader Boise State

Let's war-game for a bit here: Suppose the Big XII decides not to expand next season, or chooses not to extend an offer to BSU (to their detriment). The MWC is the strongest of the G5 conferences, in my honest opinion, and is that way today because Boise State decided to stay with them rather than accept an invite from the Big East (now just another G5 conference in football). I have a few questions:

  • If Boise State had gone to the Big East, would it still exist as a P(6) football conference, or would they just be knocked down still (in spite of BSU)? My guess is the latter, and thank goodness for Mark Coyle reading the writing on the wall. Could you imagine traveling across the country week after week to play teams like Tulsa and Temple? No disrespect to those teams, I just think Utah State, SDSU, Air Force, Colorado State, and (gag) Nevada are better-quality opponents with geographic convenience.
  • Is there a chance, however small, that the MWC proves its mettle in the coming seasons by strengthening each other (especially when preparing for BSU), beating up on P5 teams, and perhaps elevating our status into a "Power" conference?
  • Is it safe to buy cake on the reduced rack?
  • Is the College Football Playoff destined for an 8-team bracket (sooner-than-later), due to there being 5 Power Conferences and only 4 spots? Someone with money and influence is going to be angry every year until it changes.
  • Will 8 playoff spots include one automatic bid for a G5 team? Because I like our chances of being top (horse) in the G5 year after year.
  • Amirite?
The Statesman missed out on this headline, so I went ahead and snagged it. I didn't realize this, but he's put on 15 pounds of muscle this offseason! That's like ten percent of his body, or something! I think I'm probably ten percent burrito.

Are you curious how Finley, Stuart, Ogle, and Rypien were perceived by their former coaches?
Of Finley:
(He's) a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback.
Of Stuart:
(He's) the next Drew Brees.
(I kinda have an affinity for "short" quarterbacks.)

Of Ogly (I accidentally misspelled "Ogle", but it made me lol so I kept it.):
He has sneaky athleticism.
Of Rypien:
He was basically, by his junior year, a coach on the field.
The future looks bright!

Whoa. Is Jaws a true story?