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True Freshmen Competing for Boise State DB Spot: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-12-15

Who's it gonna be?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Four True Freshmen Competing for Corner Spot

Tyler Horton, Donzale Roddie, Ladarryl Blair, and Darreon Jackson almost all have names I need to double check my spelling on. Other than that, one of these four could see immediate playing time this season as a true freshman! We have it pretty good with Donte Deayon, Jonathan Moxey, and Raymond Ford, but it still remains to be seen who the fourth horseman will be. (No, Darian Thompson streaking from one corner of the field to another in order to knock a receiver into a bench-nap doesn't count as playing corner.)

Highlights of Indoor Practice

Harsin throws a few balls himself, which makes me wonder if he might be competing for the open spot.

All Stadium Banners in One Spot

I think we here at OBNUG guessed all the players on the banners before they were released, but I will say this: It's refreshing to see SWR as a giant! He's waited for this longer than anyone else on the team, guaranteed.

(Here's my train of thought with this gif: SWR is small> wants to be a giant>Dr. Horrible was a giant once> Plankton daydreamed of being a giant, too>Plankton's cousins> ROOT BEER!)


This dog.