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Boise State Among Nation's Most Surprising Teams: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-11-15

Under-rated! *clap, clap, clapclapclap

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

BSU Underrated, Oklahoma Overrated

This might be used in an argument both for and against Boise State moving to the Big XII, but Oklahoma and Texas are the nation's most overrated teams, while TCU and Boise State are the most underrated. No surprise, here: Boise State is usually ranked low at the beginning of a season (with the exception of King Kellen's senior year), and then exceeds everyone's expectations of us throughout the season. Take note of how we're currently ranked in the low 20s by most writers this season.

Expect greatness!

TE Holden Huff Feeling Great

Huff describes the tight end group as "explosive" in this interview, and this article speaks of his affinity for Japanese culture. The tight ends are being used more, now that we've chucked Robert Prince's one-page playbook. As my auntie would say when watching football: "I don't know much about football, but I know a tight end when I see one!" Here, auntie...this is a tight end.

DE Kamalei Correa Set to Break Out

When Correa states that his last season was something to build off of, that makes me excited to see our defense take the field, and makes me a little, tiny-bit sad for opposing quarterbacks.

O-line is Still Being Experimented With

We have a pretty solid wall to begin with, but if O-line coach Scott Huff can find new and inventive ways of opening holes, stuffing linebackers, and keeping our line fresh, he's got my full confidence!

Rehabbing the Big XII

Guess what one of the steps to making the Big XII great again is? Anyone? Anyone?


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