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Boise State Fall Camp Day 2: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 8-10-15

Camping out

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Recap of Day 2

There's going to be a lot of crossover info in these links with what we've already reported on OBNUG, but I will still link to them in case there was an interview or tidbit of info another news outlet got which we didn't (like Joe Mart maybe giving up baseball next summer?).

Going Deep With Chaz Anderson

There's nothing quite like a bomb that connects downfield (especially for a touchdown)! We always kinda place the blame on the quarterback if the pass falls incomplete or is intercepted, but there's another player who has to move his body into a position to make a play on the ball, and Anderson makes it look easy! He's a player that we can expect great things from this season!

Speaking of Wide Receivers...

This article highlights what a special group we have in our wide receiver corps, and how their play is improving over the course of fall camp. Just watching the highlights of drills makes me excited about the gel between the WRs and QBs! They seem to always connect, just like the phone service I opted not to get. (Tracfone doesn't have a lot of options, okay!)

Here's a video of ESPN's Mark Schlabalabach looking positively thrilled to preview Boise State:

10-2, huh? Does he see us losing to Washington and BYU? Utah State and Virginia? WHO? WHO???

Someone needs to splash water in his face to awaken him.


I used to clean the Dental Hygiene building at ISU at night, and ran across a few of these morbidly grinning up at me while sitting in a chair in a dark room! Gave me quite the start! It's sad that this disturbed me more than cleaning the cadaver lab in the biology building, but when you see the pics, you might agree (mild language warning).